CONCEPCION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is located at Barangay Concepcion, long ago called Barrio Maasim, considered one of the prominent barangays in the Municipality of Malabon, now Malabon City.Before the 1950’s, getting an elementary education seemed a difficult endeavor for the nearest school is two barangays away, located at Hulongduhat, Malabon.

The residents thought of a solution to make education accessible to all the children. The construction of a school building and the availability of a lot, then became the primary concerns of the people in the barangay.Through the concerted will of the people and the government, a strategic plan was formed.

Therefore, in 1952, with a rented house in Jose P. Rizal St., Barrio Concepcion, Malabon , BARRIO CONCEPCION SCHOOL first started its operations. The name of the school is taken from the name of the barangay itself. The four- classroom rented schoolhouse can only accommodate the Grades I and II Classes. Acquisition of a more spacious lot which can house a growing population then posed another problem. But, this problem was immediately addressed when luckily, the following year, through the benevolence and generosity of a prominent family, the late FLORENTINO TIONGSON donated a 3, 059 square meter lot, located right in the heart of barrio Concepcion, at Burgos Street.

In this lot, the first building called the GABALDON BUILDING, an eight- classroom two- storey building was erected.It is a semi- concrete tall building, very typical of buildings of old structural design. Its walls and ceilings are made of sturdy wood and the roofs are of galvanized iron. The window panes with wooden frames are made from German glass. Wooden grills connect the walls to the ceiling. Each classroom has only one door made of solid wood. The corridors and classrooms are all large and spacious. The upper part of the building has wooden floors, while the ground floor is cemented.At the end of the corridors are smaller rooms, which serve as the store room and the library and found in the second floor while the clinic and the teachers’ room are at the ground floor.

In 1958, six years later, the first ever graduation ceremony was witnessed in the school, now called CONCEPCION ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. The offering of a complete elementary school was made possible with the construction of the Gabaldon Building.

The ceremony marked an eventful occasion, a legacy of love and compassion and a tradition of excellence for the people of Concepcion, who thirst that education be offered to their children.

Until 2010, the 57 year- old Gabaldon Building symbolizing Concepcion Elementary School, still stands proudly, its edifice a reminder of the great love and determination of a cultured people, who strongly advocate free basic education.

Then, in 2011, this 58 year-old building is recommended for demolition since it is already dilapidated, unsafe for occupancy by the learners.

But there stands another strong edifice, the Florentino Tiongson Building, white-painted two-storey 14-classroom building, a 16 Million peso donation by the Spanish Government, built by Escuela Taller in cooperation with World Vision, Angel Brigade and the late Barangay Captain, Engr. Max Bernardo.

The building serves as a strong legacy of Engr. Max Bernardo, who gave his love and total support to the school, a solid force behind its realization.

The building now houses the 28 classes from Kinder to Grade Six pupils of this school. It is a semi-concrete building with the old features of the old structure still retained. The window jalousies and doors are wooden while the flooring is concrete. The building has two concrete stairways.

It is a U-shaped structure, with the school stage found at its center. Truly, the school is very proud and lucky that it became a recipient of a donation by the Majesty of Spain himself, the King.



Modesto J. Alegria

2018 – Present

Ronaldo P. Abadies

2014 – 2018

Maria Luisa R. Jacaban

2013 – 2014

Emelbon S. Mayrina

2011 – 2013

Riza G. Andrade

2009 – 2011